St Mary’s Church, a historic church built in 1905 in Willimantic, CT was extensively damaged by fire. Along with part of the roof and the sub-structure, in order to restore the historic church to it’s original appearance, Pelletier Builders had to work with some very specialized sub-contractors.

A serious fire caused extensive damage to St. Mary’s Church in Willimantic, CT. Pelletier Builders was charged with all aspects of saving the church from structural damage to the finished product.

Pelletier Builders experienced carpenters, along with specialized plastering and painting contractors restored it’s beautiful condition.

Plasters trained in Russia replaced the ceilings ornate trim detail. The painter applied canvas to the plaster walls and painted fresco paintings on canvas.The new dome around the altar was painted to show the stars as they were the date the church opened in 1905.

We engaged one of few Pipe Organ rebuilders in the country. They rebuilt an existing organ from another building, making modifications fit it to the existing space.

New church pews carved to match the shape of the old ones, were installed and numbered with the old, refurbished medallions.