We received a call from the owner of a beautiful, high-end, horse-riding arena with attached stables housing prize winning horses. Heavy snows had caused near catastrophic damage to the structure Pelletier Builders re-engineered and did structural repairs nearly doubling the loading capacity of the roof.

We removed the snow from the roof and added temporary structures to get the arena through the winter. We then re-engineered and performed structural surgery on the building. This required an extremely detailed analysis and fabrication of new structural members. We removed the entire roof to install the new structural members.

While working on the arena, we encountered a unique challenge: we needed to ensure that no steel pieces or fasteners could find their way into the hooves of the prize winning horses. We covered the entire arena floor with fabric strong enough to support our lifts and workmen and ran a large magnet over the fabric twice a day to ensure that no stray dangers were overlooked.

In the end we created an arena capable of 200% the capacity of the original structure. The horses are safe and Pelletier Builders, Inc. is proud to have been entrusted with this project.