Why Choose Prefab?

Warrantied & Low Maintenance

Why Choose Prefab?

Prefabricated metal and steel buildings have several advantages over other options, including:

    • Warranties for walls at up to 35 years and 20 years for the roofing systems.


    • Low maintenance: The color coating on the wall sheets has a long history of no maintenance, and they can be painted in different colors.


    • Quicker turn around: The manufacturing of these buildings, depending on requirements, can be delivered to your site within 8 weeks of initial ordering, and in some cases sooner. Delivery schedules can vary with building manufacturers demand.


    • Prefabricated buildings can be designed with built-in expansion capabilities. For example, we have designed buildings to be expanded with a removable end wall to provide an attachment point for a future addition, and designed for a future installation of a solar array to be side-mounted on a building’s wall.


  • Customizable: Prefabricated doesn’t mean a cookie-cutter building design, we will customize your building to your needs. We can design for cranes and heavy specialized equipment, within certain height restrictions. As an example, we designed a building around a scrap wood boiler for a large supplier of plants to large retailers like Home Depot and Wal-Mart.
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