The Blake Group

A distributor of thermal energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients, The Blake Group has a goal of becoming energy independent, and needed their new facility to showcase a geothermal heating system to visiting clients.

Pelletier Builders constructed a new, 19,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art building on their East Windsor campus to house Blake Group’s extensive underground geothermal heating system, which radiates heating and cooling throughout the building year-round.

Geothermal energy is heat below the surface of the earth, which can be harnessed to generate clean, renewable, sustainable energy for efficient heating and cooling that emits little or no greenhouse gases and requires a small footprint to develop.

Geothermal systems offer:

  • Superior energy ratings for structures that use them
  • A renewable, reliable energy source
  • Energy efficiency
  • No pollution
  • Lower operating costs
  • Less maintenance

This unique building is also designed to support solar panels on the southern wall. Solar panels are usually installed on the building roof, but these wall panels have the advantage of acting as a sun shade in the summer, preventing the hot summer sun from warming up the inside of the building.

The Blake building is one of several purpose-built building projects that Pelletier has completed recently. T&M Billiards and Barstools is an example.